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CrossRoads Technologies Consulting Group was born from an idea that Craig Young, (Founder and President) had of being a reliable consulting resource for companies to embrace newer technologies for better ROI.

Craig and his partner and wife, Michelle believe that true business success is when their customers achieve success. As professionals with over 25 years of Executive Level Industry experience, they have an inside view of what clients want and need most from their technology vendors. They know the proven best practices to provide clients with the highly functional, efficient solutions that would not be available exclusively from any one solution provider, manufacturer, or vendor.

Being one of the leading IT and Telecom solution consultants in the industry today, CrossRoads assists organizations, whether they have an IT team or not, to achieve the right technology acquisitions for their businesses.

Their mission and the reason CrossRoads Technology Consulting Group exists is to work with client companies as an impartial advisor providing industry insights, and recommendations based on current technology challenges, trends, and growth plans.

The biggest mistake in IT aquisition is organizations not looking to the future with their technology investments. Crossroads clients are protected from blind spots with scalable solutions that go the distance. Clients put a foundation in place that is future focused as they plan ahead 5-10 years and more.

At Crossroads, the focus is on three main impact area that mean the most to clients:

The CrossRoads B.F.T. Advantage.

It stands for meeting and exceeding clients Business, Financial and Technical goals!

What is delivered is a truly curated solution strategy. Every CrossRoads client receives the care and personalized development of a solution optimized to grow as their businesses grows.

This is the CrossRoad’s superpower and what differentiates Crossroads from any other company in the industry. With this mind set, Crossroads has enjoyed amazing growth and has had the opportunity to work with wonderful clients in industries that include healthcare, ecommerce, nonprofit, retail, finance, manufacturing and more.

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Craig Young



Michelle Young



Sheldon Samford

Business Technology Consultant


Ruby Ryan

Territory Manager

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