MS Teams Outage, Impact (What's your "Plan B"​ to mitigate future business disruptions?)

MS Teams Outage, Impact (What’s your “Plan B”​ to mitigate future business disruptions?)

Does your organization rely on Microsoft Teams for Voice, Collaboration, Messaging and Conferencing? If so, how did the March 15th, Microsoft / Azure outage impact your Enterprise Communications? As reported by, The “primary impact is to Microsoft Teams, ” according to early studies, according to Microsoft”.

If your solution is Microsoft 365 E5 (or 365 Business Voice) or delivered via a Direct Routing Partner you may have experienced downtime or worse yet, your currently suffering from downtime, or simply left to pick up the pieces from yesterday’s widespread/global outage? 

The roughly 14-hour outage affected a “subset” of Microsoft customers worldwide, officials said.

This should not come as a Surprise!!! Outages are costly, not to mention, detrimental to productivity, detract from Customer Experience, damage brand reputation / loyalty and ultimately impact your bottom-line. 

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For additional details and another take, check out BLEEPING COMPUTERS take on Monday’s outage… and view the Microsoft Teams reports courtesy / comments via Disqus.

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Amidst the chaos, there is hope… if this disruption leads you to your proverbial “CrossRoads” or is cause for concern and you would like to reevaluate your Microsoft strategy. We can help!!!   

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If you are interested in exploring an alternative Microsoft Teams approach, as opposed to the standard, Microsoft Cloud-based phone system (which requires an E5 license and associated calling / conference plan) or the commonly referred to “Direct Routing” approach delivered by a 3rd party UCaaS partner… We Should Chat!  “☎️”

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Imagine a Microsoft Teams “centric” UCaaS solution that incorporates the MS Teams UI to to provide a familiar user experience and ensure adoption, a 99.999% Enterprise SLA, inherent business continuity, additional redundancies and a solution that does NOT require Microsoft E5 Licensing upgrades or a Calling / Conference plan Add-On. All delivered through a provider with a proven track-record. 

If you’re interested in a Free 30 minute consult/triage to assess the State of your “Microsoft Teams” Strategy for Voice / Collaboration / Messaging / Conferencing, feel free to contact me.  

Look forward to hearing from you but until then. Cheers!

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