Why Omni-Channel?

Why Omni-Channel?

“Provide Customer Engagement, anywhere, via multiple integrated channels to ensure a seamless customer experience ~ Omni-Channel

I ran across a LinkedIn Post that inspired my article. Kyle Coleman, VP of Revenue Growth & Enablement for Clari who brought us Revenue Operations in the Cloud (“As-a-Service”) shared this recommendation with his network.

“Ask the question at the end of your sales calls… “I’m going to send a recap of today’s call — what’s your preference? Video, email or a combination of both?

Kyle’s post created an “ah-hah moment” for me! 

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It immediately prompted this comparison. His recommendation, has to do with, meeting the client when, where and with “their” preferred medium. Omnichannel and the emergence of CX that followed, gained popularity in Contact Centers and client-facing organizations for the same reasons. If you want to run a successful CX organization “Provide Customer Engagement, anywhere, via multiple integrated channels to ensure a seamless, frictionless customer experience”.

Clients and Consumers alike, have a preference on reviewing and digesting information -> in this case, following a sales call (i.e. video, email or another medium).

I compare his “recommendation” to the shift we’ve all experienced from the traditional customer service business model to todays #CX (which focuses on the customer journey, customer feedback & made possible thru Omni-Channel. Omnichannel, which has become the modern standard for many client-facing organizations gained its footing through the emergence of the cloud eco-system and overtime its popularity through the interactions with these early adopters including; Salesforce, Build with Ferguson, Lulus.com, DoorDash Nordstrom, Overstock.com and many others that saw the light early on. 

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The move to an omni-channel strategy & CX transformation, left behind the dreaded “dial” Toll Free Number and the “IVR System to nowhere”, along with the reality that your email inquiry will never see the light of day or fall on deaf ears (in large part due to past technology limitations, inherent organizational silo’s, internal resources/training, antiquated business operations & a naiveite towards the impact of a good, bad or indifferent customer experience.  

This is why #Omni-channel caught fire and quickly became a standard, providing consumers with multiple channels to communicate with their brand experience of choice, via video-chat, webchat, persistent chat, sms/text, social/DM’s, mobile apps, queued call-backs, along with traditional channels – Toll Free numbers phone calls & email.

Case in point ~ When was the last time you called Amazon ☎️? 

If you’re interested in a Free 30 minute consult/triage to assess the State of your “CX” (Customer Experience) Strategy feel free to contact me.  

Additionally, I’d be interested in hearing from YOU (Calling on all Business Leaders and CX Professionals)… If you’ve ‘made the shift’ and have successfully executed on your desired CX Strategy. What methods, technologies, resources and processes did you implement in your organization to make this shift a success? 

Look forward to hearing from you but until then. Cheers!

Brian Janosz, Business Technology Consultant CrossRoads Technologies (916) 848-9270 / bjanosz@crtcgroup.com