On a Personal Note

On a Personal Note

My son (Carter who recently received a Scholarship to Attend and Play Football at Minot State University – “Go Beavers ~ Build the Dam!”) and I drove to Minot, North Dakota recently so he’d have his truck at school. (I road along to give him company and his Yukon with over 200K miles and a new Catalytic Converter was questionable at best).  It was a 24 hour trek (awesome bonding experience with the boy) with few stops – only to refuel and bathroom breaks.  It was a long journey and after returning home it took a few extra days to recover but it was memorable and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  It’s funny how after nearly 15+ hours on the road, the thought of 7 more hours didn’t seem like a lot (basically driving from home to SoCal ~ Go Figure!). 

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Anyway, prior to booking a flight home, I toyed with the idea of renting a car and taking my time on the trip home to explore the sites.  

That said, I envisioned a visit to SLC to see my buddy “Howie” and I was going to propose crashing on his couch. 😊 I have family who recently located to Nampa, Idaho who I was hoping to visit as well. I also considered a detour to visit Mount Rushmore and passing through Yellowstone, Bozeman and Billings which we passed by on the drive out (unfortunately, we drove through the entire State of Montana at night)… Anyway, I ended up flying home as the Rental Car Companies charge a “HUGE” Premium for a one-way ride and drop-off…   

Lastly, since the Yukon was questionable, due to the length of the journey and the short time-frame as school started Monday – I told my son I’d do a “Happy Dance” once we arrived in Minot. So enjoy my short video below. Don’t judge my poor dance moves… 😊 

– Brian 

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