Brian Janosz
Business Technology Consultant

I am a student of technology, well-versed on the tech-stack, an enthusiast for “CX” (and the intricacies of the Contact Center). I have enjoyed a career in technical sales before joining as a Business & Technology Consultant for CrossRoads Technologies Consulting Group.  I have worked with clients around the globe on the evaluation of technology. As a consultant, with over 20+ years of experience and an extensive network of industry connections, I can guide the entire evaluation process of your current and future technology

One of Brian’s clients summed up their experience in one sentence:

“One hour of your time buys 50 hours of our partners hard work to solve your problems.  That’s it.  No commitment.”

I am energized by my consulting work and family and passionate about spreading the word about optimizing technology acquisition with integrity by becoming a social media influencer. See our Blog section for some of my articles.