Compliance is not “only for the birds” and your Chief Compliance Officer

Compliance is not “only for the birds” and your Chief Compliance Officer

Today, Contact Centers interact with customers across multiple channels (traditional voice and digital channels) delivering a mix of customer service, product / service fulfillment, helpdesk support and in some cases employ an inside sales department for business development.   

In recent times and “Pre-COVID”, it has become increasingly critical to maintain compliance, customer privacy and adherence to regulatory requirements across all channels and in every interaction. 

Any slip or misstep can lead to costly penalties, unforeseen data breach’s (exposing private customer data), permanent “brand reputation” damage and in the worst of cases businesses are unable to recover and forced to close their doors.

Fast forwarding…

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As a result of the COVID situation businesses have been forced to mobilize their entire organization to a “Work-From-Home-Model”. This has proven to be an unprecedented shift in ‘worker experience’ like nothing we’ve ever seen in history. This shift was made out of necessity to ensure employee safety and  to sustain “day to day” business operations.

The “Post-COVID” reality is most companies are operating ‘Wildly out of Compliance as employees have shifted their business interactions from  supported enterprise devices of the past to that of their personal cell phones, laptops which unfortunately, lack required security and compliance offered through an Enterprise IT Solution. 

In time, Business Leaders will return to the Board Room and organizations will be encouraged to develop a comprehensive strategy to ensure compliance in in today’s New-Business-Norm.

If you’re interested in a Free 30 minute consult/triage to assess the State of your “Post-COVID” Compliance and to discuss a “Compliance-Centric” Strategy feel free to contact me.   

Additionally, I’d be interested in hearing from YOU (Calling on all Business Leaders and IT Professionals)… If you’ve ‘made the shift’ and have successfully addressed your Compliance / Regulatory / Privacy requirements.  What methods, technologies, resources and processes did you implement in the Contact Center to make this monumental shift a success?  

Look forward to hearing from you but until then. Cheers!

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